Unity Game Development

Learn the world's most popular game engine and start building games

Course overview

This course is for people who want to explore Game development with world's most popular game engine Unity. In this course you will learn what is unity and how to download and install unity and how to start building your games in unity.

In this course we will start off with how to setup your computer for unity, learn unity user interface, ideal way to organize your game development project, learn basics of C# sharp programming to build your game, build a game and how to build that game for webGL and Android platform.

Students will be provided with entire resources(code, assts etc...) that are used during the course of this program.


Course content

Download and Install Unity

Unity interface overview

Inspector window overview

What is Unity

Add Component and Material to Game Object

Organizing the project folder

Basics of Scripting in Unity

Boolean, Conditional statement, Array and for loop

Own function and Switch cases

Pre-defined variables and Pre-defined functions

Overview of game development plan

Create simple scene for the game

Build the player

Build the enemies

Build the weapons

Build the bombs and bullets

Scripting the Player movement

Scripting the Player weapons

Shooting and Bombing

Scripting: Game Camera and Player

Scripting: Killing enemies with the weapons

Scripting: Making our enemies smart and powerful

Scripting: Enemies hurting the player

Scripting: Restricting our player's weapon

Setting up menu scene

Scripting: Switching between menu scene and game scene

Setting up Stage1 UI elements

Scripting: Linking game information to UI elements

Setting up UI elements to pause and end the game

Scripting UI elements to pause and end the game when enemies are dead

Scripting UI elements to end the game when player is dead