Installing and understanding Arduino IDE

Downloading and installing Arduino IDE

Head on to this link download and install the latest version of Arduino IDE depending operating system you use and kind of role you have on the computer you are using admin/user. During the installation process application will ask permission to install serial drives and others, click yes for all those. Once the installation is done launch the Arduino IDE.

Arduino IDE description

Basically Arduino IDE text editor can be divided into 3 sections. One is above the void setup() function, where we can import all the libraries we want and define all the constants and variables. Second one is void setup() function where we can initialize all our digital and analog pins, input and output pins and others. When the Arduino is powered up code here will run after the code above this function is executed. And the last one is the void loop() function that runs forever as long as your Arduino is on.

And we have other icons on the tool bar to verify our code, upload our code to Arduino board, to create a new file and at the end we have the search icon to launch the serial monitor to read serial data from Arduino.

cod screen shot

Tools -> Board -> select the type of board you are connecting to your computer. From Tools -> Port -> select the com port to which your Arduino is connected to your computer.

cod screen shot

Now we could type and run any code on our Arduino.